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A pelham bit provides the benefits of a double bridle – using snaffle action and curb action – without the need for 2 bits.

A Pelham can be used with a variety of rein options.
1. Two reins can be used so that the rider has both a snaffle and a curb rein.
2. A rein connector can also be used – a connector attaches to the curb ring and the snaffle ring, and the rein attaches to the connector, allowing the use of a single rein.
3. A single rein can be used without connectors, either at the snaffle ring or the curb ring, depending on the desired action and amount of control needed.

A pelham needs to be used with a curb chain to be effective.

The jointed mouth piece gives the rider more control with the nutcracker action.
The nutcracker action is magnified by the leverage of the long shanks.

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