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REPEL BALM offers the same effective protection against insects and insect borne disease as the Repel Spray.

The active ingredient is suspended in a cream base which is gentle on the skin.

The product has been formulated to be used on the soft skin around the nose, eyes, under the tail, not only is it highly effective as a repellent/insecticide, but it is nourishing and gentle on the soft areas.

Repel, has a repellent or KILL factor on: 

  • Midges
  • Mosquitos
  • Ticks
  • Flies

Repel affects an insects neurological system which stops them from latching on and biting your horse which can transfer insect born deceases such as African Horse Sickness, West Nile Virus or Biliary.

Midges are most likely to bite the soft part of the skin because they have mandibles that saw through the horses skin and their short probiscis sucks the blood which is used to mature their eggs.

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