Changing the Game - Riders Saddlery Saddle Fitting

Changing the Game - Riders Saddlery Saddle Fitting

Have you heard the news? Riders Saddlery now has, not one, but two internationally qualified S4L CEE saddle fitters!


We are not saddle sales people, we are saddle fitters. The Saddlefit 4 Life CEE (Certified Equine Ergonomist) qualification is not just a basic saddle fitting course. S4L is devoted to anatomical saddle fitting and thus a big emphasis is placed on the anatomy and biomechanics of horse and rider and how to match the two with a correctly fitting saddle for both. This, combined with intense theoretical and practical studies and tests encompasses the entire course, where the welfare of the horse is the most important aspect and always comes first. Thus, when assessing horse and rider, we complete an 80 point analysis on horse, rider and saddle to evaluate how the 3 work together as a unit.


Michelle qualified first in November 2023 and brings to the table her abundant knowledge about horse anatomy and biomechanics and equine management and nutrition. Along with her Diploma in Equine Sciences, she continues her lifelong journey of learning how to always do better and advocate for the welfare of horse and rider. As the owner of a tack store, witnessing numerous horses and riders grappling with finding properly fitting equipment, she was motivated to seek out the finest education to assist them. The CEE course stood out to her for its comprehensive and detailed approach.


Laura qualified in May 2024 after being encouraged by Michelle to further her saddle fitting studies, as she had already completed some short courses, in addition to doing some EQASA modules. As a showjumping rider with a background in dressage, eventing and showing, she struggled to find the ideal saddle for her own horse, Ice, that would allow him to move freely and explore his full potential without causing harm or damage long term. She was able to apply the knowledge from her CEE course studies to her existing clients as well as her own horse and the results in these riders and horses was immediate. Her greatest joy is finding the right saddle for horse and rider and seeing them soar to new heights.


Thus, we believe we are a true dream team, encompassing all areas of equine welfare and care.


Our goal is to become Equine Tack Specialists, bringing a complete solution to saddle, bridle and bit fitting for horse and rider.  We are continuing our education journey with further, more advance saddle fitting training as well as bit and bridle fitting courses. 


As a shop we supply a wide range of second-hand saddles and are in negotiations to bring some new saddle brands to our clients soon!  Watch this space.


We are available for fittings in the Pretoria area but if the need arises will arrange road trips further away.  Give us a call if you need any further information or wish to make a booking.